Full measured survey

Once Humber Architecture receives your go-ahead and your signature on our Terms of Engagement document, the work begins. The next stage will be a full measured survey at the property.

And now, it’s time to talk about dimensions and sizes.

What is a Full Measured Survey?

In a nutshell, it’s a digitised model of the space or spaces in question in order to produce CAD (computer-aided design) drawings. The level of detail may vary, and we build in an acceptable tolerance level for accuracy, scale, and delivery times. You will always require a measured survey.

It’s part of our expertise and ensures that the project starts as it means to go on: with the highest possible standards.  You deserve excellent-quality, safe construction. So, that’s what we will offer you. 

What Could Possibly Go Wrong (Without a Measured Survey)?

Everything that goes into construction, whether large or small, demands razor-sharp accuracy. Detail is everything. One or two millimetres “out” can result in unworkable, undeliverable plans. Errors with measurements will cause problems, increase costs and cause time-consuming, expensive delays. Materials may be over or under-ordered, and there could be issues with planning permission. In summary, without a full measured survey, it could all turn into a nightmare.

So, we are not going there.

How We Measure Your Property

On arrival on site, we’ll refresh our understanding of the property as a whole. This enables us to get a feel for the overall layout of the house.

Humber Architecture will use various measuring tools, depending on the complexity of your project. For more elaborate or involved schemes, we may employ 3-D laser scanners, or even GPS equipment. Generally, you’ll notice us making the most of a disto/laser measure; a precision-focused tool that delivers outstanding results.

Typically, we will measure up floor plans, room widths, heights of rooms and so on. Then, we will return to our offices to start working on your drawings and plans. Read more, or contact us through this website.