Architectural drawings

Let’s get productive, scientific and technical with a set of high-quality architectural drawings for your construction project.

Humber Architecture is an architectural technology practice in Brighton and Hove, creating aesthetic yet practical and sustainable designs for a range of domestic and commercial building schemes. On this page, we will talk you through our main “deliverable”; your reason for engaging us: technology-led drawings; blueprints for living and working.

What We Do

Humber Architecture will produce drawings and plans to map out the overall design of your project. 

Staying Compliant

We will prepare them to support your planning application, and you can also use them for building control and building regulations verification.

Legislation surrounding UK planning, regulations and health and safety is, shall we say – robust. So, we aim to work in partnership with you and your planning consultant and building contractor to ensure that you follow the letter of the law.

  • Your layout will include our recommendations for sustainable external finishes and materials, such as timber joinery, stone, tiles or brickwork. Plus, built-in designs on energy preservation and how best to harmonise the building with its surroundings.
  • Your architectural drawings will highlight any M&E adaptations or changes needed (Mechanical and Engineering) with clear, workable layouts for your kitchen, bathrooms, sanitary ware and fire doors.

The Humber Architecture Approach

Most likely, your home is the most expensive thing you will ever invest in. The whole building-work process can be unnerving, and you may feel lost in the dark. We’ll turn on the lights. With our jargon-free, customer-first approach – and yes, it IS a cliché, but it’s true – your family home and your future are at the heart of everything we do.

You will always be in control. How?

Because at each stage, we will ask for your agreement and sign-off. Your drawings are precisely that: yours. When you receive your first draft, we will only move forwards with your approval. Equally, at every phase. Respond promptly, however. We’re keen to get everything going for you.

Likewise, we’ll manage your expectations, making you fully aware of what you will receive from us as part of your agreement. Humber Architecture builds trust. Your trust. We’re here to guide and advise at every stage. Read more about Humber Architecture on our About page.