Architectural technologist in Brighton and Hove

Architectural Technologist in Brighton and Hove: Our range of disciplines – designs that perform

We go beyond pure design, with an in-depth understanding of building technology, engineering and science. Above and beyond, a building has to “work”, meeting the specific criteria, rules and thresholds which your local authority sets.

There’s a long list here, and it includes: fire, structure, ventilation, water, access, windows, sanitation and so on. Humber Architecture creates meaningful, striking architectural drawings for a range of refurbishment, renovation and extension projects. But, we go further, with a laser focus on functionality, and performance.

Planning permission expertise

Preserving the unique character of Brighton and Hove, and keeping everyone safe, healthy and happy is at the top of the Council’s agenda. In our view, trying to secure planning permission without the support of an architectural technologist could see your application becoming unstuck.


Because, as part of your submission, our drawings can demonstrate how your scheme meets the stringent rules regarding health and safety, the environment and ecology, materials, construction methods and the design in general. Plus, the impact (or otherwise) on neighbours and the surrounding area. In addition, Humber Architecture has a wide range of skills and knowledge regarding listed buildings, and building control

Our expertise in sustainability

You can read more about our commitment to sustainability here.

Sustainability is at the front and centre of everything we do and always will be. We have one planet, with finite resources. So, in our opinion, reducing our energy use is vital. Humber Architecture approaches energy and ecological conservation consciously in all our designs.

What we mean is, it runs through our work, like the letters in a stick of Brighton rock! From effective methods to restore and conserve our natural resources, reduce waste, protect our ecosystems and biodiversity to ways to enhance air and water quality, our philosophy is simple: Do No Harm.

Expertise in Passivhaus buildings – your ultra-performance home

Let’s set the bar high. Then take it higher. Passivhaus buildings must adhere to rigorous energy-efficient design standards. Therefore, a specialist is a must. Humber Architecture has the essential, high-level skills you need to help you secure planning permission for these types of projects.

Our immense knowledge of materials and every element of the construction process enable us to create incredibly detailed drawings to meet each “U” value (heat loss) under Part L of building regulations.

Effectively, your Passivhaus design will be extremely well insulated, helping you to stay warm with the heat and light you need at a much more affordable cost.

Architectural Technologist in Brighton and Hove – our focus on collaboration 

We love to work in collaborative partnerships with all kinds of specialist trades and professions. Our role is to support you fully, providing the knowledge and advice you need for your construction project.

Humber Architecture is happy to offer project management expertise, or work as part of your team. In particular, we love to partner with planning consultants, construction businesses, property developers and investors, and estate agents.

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