Hotel and shop design and fit-out

Expert hotel and shop design and fit-out expertise from Humber Architecture, experienced architectural technologists in Sussex. The hospitality and retail sectors are on the up. Great news, and even better coffee.

Adapt and Change to Thrive

Luckily, we’ve emerged from the darkness of lockdown into a vibrant, lively sector – not least in Brighton and Hove where people flock to enjoy our city’s thriving shops and eateries. And, soak up some London-by-the-Sea vibes. Is your retail outlet, hotel, café or restaurant ahead of the curve? As with most things in life, fashions in interiors can date fast.

Are you making the most of the latest design trends and materials?

If your venue was styled some years ago, it may look tired. If you’ve noticed a decline in footfall, you could lose money if your premises aren’t as user-friendly as they should be. Don’t be that business owner. How people live, shop, relax and interact has changed. Now is the time to update and modernise.

Hotel and Shop Design and Fit-Out: What We Do

Humber Architecture provides professional re-fit designs aimed at maximising your square metres and as a result, your potential income and profits. Starting with a blank page often with un-partitioned rooms (but not always), we’ll create beautiful, workable designs for retail and hospitality fittings. Always, our priorities are quality,  consistency and sustainability.

Make a statement. Add the Wow factor to your premises with original designs that complement and balance the space – and interior design expertise designed to create brand loyalty.

Humber Architecture also offers excellent advice and guidance on your project’s mechanical and electrical re-configuration. 

Our Expertise Includes:

Hotel reception desks, restaurant interiors, counters and features and serving counters. Also, tables, till points and checkouts – all ensuring that everything is fit for purpose, easy to access and use and as ergonomic as possible. Zoning and circulation flows are a significant part of our vision — likewise, finishings, lighting and colours. Our work includes detailed architectural designs, plans, and build specifications, including technical drawings.

Humber Architecture is at your (customer) service for high-quality hotel and shop design and fit-out services. Get in touch with us for more information.