Commercial architectural technology in Sussex

Humber Architecture provides commercial architectural technology in Sussex to a wide range of business-related operations like yours. If we may be so bold, we feel that our philosophies match; our approaches dovetail. You appreciate the importance of a well-designed, efficient and productive workplace. After all, people spend a lot of time in the office.

And, as our focus is on architectural technology, we are on the same page regarding sustainability. With architectural designs that work with rather than against the world around you, you and your team recognise the importance of future-proofed, greener techniques and construction methods. 

Humber Architecture – Working Together

Commercial architectural technology is an integral part of the modern built environment. Fundamentally, people need to be able to work in comfort. In your office environment, HR sits alongside marketing, with the finance department close by; staff need to circulate, and co-operate.

Aesthetics are critical, too. Not only does a visually appealing office look professional, it also gives a great first impression. And, people actually like coming in every day – not least as we move away from WFH (working from home).

Also, accessibility and safety, as well as stringent planning regulations and requirements. High-quality commercial architectural services in Sussex and Brighton and Hove aren’t always easy to find. But with us, you are most definitely, and quite literally, on the right page.

Commercial Architectural Technology in Sussex: Office Interior Design and Re-Fits

Old-fashioned office layouts are tiring. Or they can be. No doubt you understand what we mean.

They’re awkward, uncomfortable and most likely not as secure and safe as they should be. Power points are in the wrong place; desks are the wrong size, there are too many closed-in offices, no break-out spaces. It’s all rather graceless. Ungainly, even.

Humber Architecture works with property developers, construction businesses and directly with commercial property owners to re-design your internal working spaces. Through accurate technical drawings with sustainability at their core, we offer your builders the technical know-how and experience for them to get the job done to the highest standards. In addition, we can help you with the mechanical and engineering side of things (M & E).

As part of our remit, we can provide designs for re-configuration of rooms, reception areas, office bathrooms, and kitchens.

Plus, we offer outstanding interior design services to make your office space the very best it can be. Let’s discuss space planning, re-configuration, furniture floor plans and how to ensure everything is in the right place – just how it should be.