Residential architectural technologist in Sussex

If you’re researching ways to find a residential architectural technologist in Sussex, and sustainability is at the top of your agenda, you’ve just found Humber Architecture.

Is This You?

Sustainability for Homes that Work

You’re a homeowner with a larger property in and around Brighton and Hove/ Or, perhaps further afield into Sussex. Perhaps you have re-located from London for a life near the sea.

You’ve found your dream home in Brighton and Hove. Or, it nearly is.

You’re looking for a better standard of living. But, not at the expense of the world around us. Similarly, you’re hyper-aware that on a macro and micro level, we must reduce our energy consumption right now, and keep more energy within your four walls.

Your gas and electric bills are way too high, and your use of gas in particular concerns you. Is there a better way? Answer: yes.

New Builds and Eco New Builds. Alternatively, you and your family have made a big decision: now is the time to invest in some land on which to build your forever home from scratch. Talk to us about our experience in Passivhaus projects.

Extensions. You may be looking for an extension for amazing, extra-luxurious space in your kitchen or ground-floor living areas.

Remodelling. Perhaps rooms are the “wrong way around”.  In particular, an internal wall just gets in the way somehow.

Renovations. It’s possible that your home is in need of renovation to restore it to its grand, imposing, spectacular glory yet that supports your family’s needs.

Conversions. A part of your property is unused. For example, your second garage could be a gym, or an annexe.

New builds in our green and pleasant land. Are you aware of Paragraph 80? Formerly Paragraph 79, it’s an exception in the planning system that would allow you to build your new family home in the countryside.

Will you need the specialist, high-level skills of a residential architectural technologist to create ultra-sustainable, low-impact designs for your future dwelling to gain approval? Yes, you most certainly do. 

Residential Architectural Technologists in Sussex. How Can We Help You?

We work mainly for private clients in and around Brighton and Hove at the higher end of the property market. Architectural technologists?

Simply explained, architectural technologists offer a more comprehensive range of expertise than “normal” architects: with skills in science and technology, and an in-depth understanding of materials, production techniques and sustainability, our architectural drawings and designs are all about homes that:

  • Are truly and entirely fit for purpose
  • Support the needs of your family
  • Minimise environmental impact
  • Maximise energy preservation
  • Meet all the Secretary of State’s exacting building regulations

…and, much more – including drainage and building surfaces.

We’re also fully up to speed with all those dastardly local planning regulations, building control and in particular, consent for listed buildings.

This residential architectural technologist in Sussex will be pleased to hear from you. Contact us through this website, or call 01273 974 102.