Home renovation architectural technologists in Brighton

We’re home renovation architectural technologists in Brighton and Hove. We create stunning, sustainable architectural designs for homeowners looking to bring an outdated or run-down home back to life. Humber Architecture can help you revive your whole property, or just a few key rooms.

Life moves on. The spaces that served previous generations most likely no longer comfortable in the 21st Century or easy to live in. Perhaps your house has “repairs and improvements” written all over it. It really deserves some renovation-style TLC to transform it from old-fashioned to excellent.

Not all renovations require drawings. But if they do, we can create them for you.

How We Can Help

As specialist home renovation architectural technologists in Brighton, we are, as our speciality infers, technology-based.

For you, this means a more practical mix of creativity and science for top-performing form and function. What we mean is, our designs are real-world. They work before they look fantastic.

You deserve a home that lets in the light, with an interesting, family-friendly design that feels good. And, that preserves energy, with greener heating, lighting, water and waste disposal solutions to limit damage to your bank account every month – and the world around you.

architectural technologists in Brighton

Do you need planning permission?

Good news. Nearly all internal works, such as loft and garage conversions, new staircases, kitchen renovations and so on, do not require approval from Brighton and Hove Council. But, it’s worth checking.

If you have a listed property, we can offer specialist advice.

In addition, Humber Architecture are experts in permitted development, building control and building regulations. This in-depth knowledge could mean the difference between an all-systems-go green light and a red one that says “no”.

  • Where should our outlet pipes go?
  • Which way does the door open?
  • Would recessed lights work for us?
  • How many energy points will there be – and where will you place them?
  • Can we preserve the property’s period features safely?
  • What building regulations do we need to meet?
  • Tell us about fire safety – can you modernise?

Just a few questions for us, and we have answers to all of them. Get in touch – your go-to renovation architectural technologists in Brighton and Hove will be pleased to offer you more information.