Interior designs for property developers in Sussex

Interior Designs for Property Developers in Sussex

If you are a property developer, you’ll be looking to generate buyer interest and sell your new-build homes at a healthy return on investment. Likewise, without any undue delays. So, let’s talk about working together. Our expertise and support could be just what you need to help your project succeed. We offer high-standard interior designs for property developers in Sussex and throughout Brighton and Hove.

The Importance of Interior Design

The property market in and around our local area is buoyant. Sussex is a desirable place to move to and to live – especially near the sea. However, it’s fair to say that today’s homebuyers are pretty demanding, and sometimes hard to please. It’s not all location-location-location.

Or, transport links, amenities and property size. You will want to make an emotional connection with your future customers. Why? Because ultimately, people buy homes based on how the space makes them feel. 

What We Do

Humber Architecture adds value – figuratively, and literally.

We can help you drive your sales by styling the interior décor of one or more of your show homes. With careful thought to the expectations of your target market, we can create the heightened interest you need. We’ll ensure every decision is made with your buyer in mind. And, each space works for those who want to live there.

  • Evocative, homely styling of bathrooms and kitchens
  • Ergonomic, organic space design and layout – including maximised storage
  • Attention-grabbing design schemes, created with profitability and build as a priority
  • Co-operation with your project manager to ensure that all the schemes are implemented correctly

This is lifestyle marketing at its very best. Natural designs that flow. Fine details, even down to fabrics, cushions and candles.

When it comes to interior designs for property developers in Sussex, Humber Architecture has the experience you need and the skills you deserve.

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