Planning permission drawings

If you are a planning consultant, Humber Architecture could be just what you’ve been looking for: an architectural technology practice with 13 years’ experience. More to the point, one that creates high-quality planning permission drawings that fully meet the criteria and thresholds set down in local building laws.

Or, that you can submit as part of an appeal. Based in Brighton and Hove, Humber Architecture works on higher-end residential and commercial projects throughout Sussex. 

How Can We Help You?

With a focus on sustainability, your scheme will benefit from our valuable input on materials, resources, production and performance. That is to say, homes or offices that mix and balance both form and function.

And, that people can use in a way that works with the environment rather than against it. There’s good news from a budget perspective, too: Humber Architecture knows how to design homes that keep energy in to help lower your clients’ utility bills.

We aim to complement your knowledge and skills, make your life easier, and help your clients expand their homes. Or, build a new one.

In particular, we have proven expertise in building regulations and building control. Plus, an in-depth understanding details involved and of the constraints that surround listed buildings.

You may need drawings for a new build, an extension, a conversion or a renovation. Alternatively, for a Paragraph 80 property or a lawful development certificate for a permitted development project. Contact Humber Architecture to find out more.

Planning Permission in Brighton and Hove

The Town and Country Planning Act sets the bar extremely high.

No one said anything in life would be easy. However, our local planning authority often takes “challenging” to a new level. We’re sure you agree. Everyone knows why, and we know this much is true: Brighton is a busy, populous and beautiful city. We want it to remain so. You’re aware of, as are we, how planning officers’ minds work. So, let’s aim for a “Yes”. We’ll take care of every part of the design that could affect the council’s decision.

Talk to Humber Architecture about planning permission drawings with a focus on sustainability.