Paragraph 80 architecture in Sussex

Here at Humber Architecture, we can help turn the dream of your amazing “grand designs” house into bricks and mortar reality. We specialise in Paragraph 80 architecture in Sussex, working in East and West Sussex to design completely individual, bespoke homes for private clients at the higher end of the property market.

And yes, in case you were wondering: Paragraph 80 used to be called Paragraph 79.

We aim to design a Paragraph 80 dwelling that will increase your chances of gaining planning permission from your local authority in the countryside or on the Green Belt.

What is Paragraph 80?

Paragraph 80 governs the construction of new, isolated homes in the countryside. Part of the National Planning Policy Framework, it allows only exceptional circumstances in which would-be homeowners may build these types of unprecedented properties. In summary, the policy sets out a set of tests; extremely stringent, high-bar criteria which must be met, or it’s a definite “no”. It would be fair to say that Paragraph 80 is all about a high-bar pinnacle in design and construction standard excellence.

Paragraph 80 Criteria

The building must:

Be of exceptional quality”. Here, we have to focus on a unique design that genuinely pushes contemporary design boundaries. Also, it concerns balancing and integrating the building into the landscape design – it can’t be an afterthought.

“Be truly outstanding”. Although open to a degree of interpretation, this element is about a property plan that’s utterly ground-breaking; in effect, it needs to be premier league. Distinctive, daring, bold – stunning.

“Reflect the highest standards in architecture”. This aspect turns its attention to designs that are fit for purpose for the 21st Century and beyond. In other words, sustainability. The absolute best energy-saving technologies should be at the forefront of design. For example, triple-glazing, heat recovery ventilation and so on.

Every part of every system needs to harmonise with each part of the house.

“Help to raise standards of design more generally in rural areas”.  The council is looking for cutting-edge, experimental design. Something that could even attract national attention because it’s that good. Why? Because some new builds (not all) can be somewhat standard.

A Paragraph 80 home must be nothing short of amazing.

“Significantly enhance its immediate setting”. This test raises the issue of context. How will your new home improve or add to its immediate setting? It’s vital to examine the features and characteristics of of the site and its location. Therefore, the design needs to targeted specifically at its site.

Not to mention local history and character, with nearby traditional resources and materials for example.

Humber Architecture – Paragraph 80 Architecture in Sussex

Our skills and experience are rooted in the constraints within Paragraph 80. This is legislation and planning policy we know and understand incredibly well. Where there is a “problem”, we offer the design “solution”, with innovative, highly creative designs. Yet, with the science and technology to address all the policy points above.

Find out more. Get in touch with Humber Architecture, and let’s start designing your bespoke home in England’s green and pleasant land.