Sustainable architectural design in Sussex

Humber Architecture specialises in sustainable architectural design in Sussex, including Brighton and Hove. After all, there is no Planet B.

We know that living and working more sustainably is possible. More than possible, in fact. And, that moving towards maximum self-sufficiency in energy use – in our view, the ONLY practical way to preserve our natural resources – is ESSENTIAL.

With a Masters’s Degree in Sustainability, as an Architectural Technologist, Director Aaron Humber has extensive knowledge of how to design and construct greener, more environmentally-friendly buildings and homes.   

Plus, let’s be honest: electricity is expensive right now. Gas, even more so (we’re really not keen on gas!). Would you like to save money on your bills? With our designs, you can.

How We Work on Architectural Sustainability

In recent years, sustainability in architecture has become a leading consideration in construction.


Because the building sector is a major global energy consumer.

Likewise, it drains the world’s natural resources: stone, timber and metal. Obviously, it can’t go on like this. So, our focus on sustainable architectural design in Sussex is embedded into every part of the design process.


Humber Architecture takes a fabric-first approach, both in the design and build process. That is, we put maximum expertise into the choice and use of the materials in our work for extensions, renovations, remodelling and new builds – both residential and commercial. Where possible, we deploy materials that we can re-use and recycle. And, we’re super-aware of the technology we can use to reduce energy use.

Did you know that with renewable energy, you may be able to cover most of your energy requirements? And, that with Humber Architecture, this is completely achievable? 

Sustainable Architectural Design in Sussex – Keeping it In

When it comes to your home, we’re all over the need to preserve heat and light, enabling your home to pay for itself. Reduce waste and save money. For example, solar energy sources, and centralising water and heating distribution. Improve your family’s health and well-being. Your healthy home promotes healthy lives due to improved air and water quality.

Your Greener Home…

  • Organic architecture. Let’s work in harmony with the environment, not against it
  • Respond to topography, with a split-level dwelling, rather than levelling it
  • South, south-east or south-west-facing roofs to benefit from solar panel energy
  • Keep the energy you use, rather than sell it back to the grid. We’ll help you store it in batteries
  • Let’s plant trees. Everyone loves trees.

Humber Architecture has the skills you need to help you buy once, and buy better. This is sustainability in the truest sense of the word; future-proofing for your long-term home.

Let our expertise in sustainable architectural design help you to keep more of your hard-earned money, and care for the world in which we live.