Luxury new build designer in Sussex

We are Humber Architecture. If you are looking for a luxury new build designer in Sussex – one that focuses on sustainable architectural technology, you are on the right page.

Your needs are specific. What we mean is, your house, office, or any other building must work. And, offer an aesthetic appeal. The solution is here. Contact us. We are specialists in connecting homes and commercial properties to the environment, using our scientific and technical skills for energy-efficient designs.

Innovation in Design and Construction

For private clients. Are you excited about a greener, future-proofed family home? That is, your forever property that you can pass down to the generations coming up after you? One that’s just for you and your family, designed and built from the bottom up?

For commercial clients. Are you a property developer or investor planning a brand-new residential or commercial estate, with sustainability high up on your agenda?  May we suggest that you require an experienced technologist to maximise the available plot. And of course, your return on investment?

Alternatively, as a planning consultant, an architectural technologist’s specialist knowledge, skills and contribution for your new build scheme is a must.

Luxury New Build Designer in Sussex – How We Work

As new build architectural technologists in Sussex, we recognise a few critical things. Firstly, your scheme demands the perfect mix of creative design, construction know-how. Equally, regulatory competence and great communication skills. So, that’s what we will offer you. Our expertise will take your ideas from conception into reality, delivering maximum joy. Yet, with minimal impact on the world around you.

Planning permission is (almost) everything.

As well as creative conceptual designs, Humber Architecture can produce drawings that meet building regulations and control, with full supporting information with your planning application to the local council.

Sustainable Designs for Living

We are committed to delivering a new build home that looks incredible. And, that functions perfectly – whatever that means to you. Our goal is to reduce your energy spend. How? Through using our scientific and technical skills to harmonise your home with its immediate ecosystem.

  • Reduce or completely eliminate gas and oil.
  • Install ultra-high-performance insulation without using PVC in the plumbing or electrical conduits.
  • Use building materials that have a solid relationship to the local area and its surroundings. We source them locally. And, they can be recycled as necessary.
  • Deploy solar energy wherever possible, with heating and lighting controls designed to respond to occupancy. Plus, low energy lighting throughout.
  • Fit underfloor heating, thus eliminating radiators.
  • Ensure careful use of water, both external and internal.
  • Design electrical systems to grow and change, with redundancy built in.

And…let’s plant some trees.

Not all luxury new build designers in Sussex are the same. Contact Humber Architecture for more information.