Interior designer in Brighton and Hove

Looking for a highly experienced interior designer in Brighton and Hove? Step forward Humber Architecture.

Is This Your Challenge?

When it comes to internal spaces, what “worked” back in the day, may no longer do so.

Perhaps the layout of your office, hotel or restaurant interiors – or any inside space – isn’t as practical or usable as it should be. Maybe it’s a bit, well, ugly. Equally, as a house builder or a property developer, you’re looking to sell. You need to go beyond “square boxes”, with designs that turn houses into homes.

With skills ranging from major interior layout re-design, lifestyle-friendly looks for kitchens and bathrooms to just the right cushions and candles for a cosy, homely touch, we offer so much more than interior design as an “add-on”.

Our focus is on sustainability.

Organic, Natural Layers for Living and Working

  • An understanding of colour, texture, affordability, and feasibility; knowing where and how the light comes in.
  • Recognising how to deliver consistency, functionality and style – no matter how different or distinct certain zones or areas may be. From 50 spaces, we’ll spot how to maximise space, dimension and sizes of rooms with designs that deliver enjoyment and practicality.
  • Storage; there’s never enough, so we’ll address that one.
  • And, how the dimension and size of an interior we recognise how different areas should interact. Likewise, how the sizes and dimensions of interiors impact how you, your clients or guests will use and enjoy the space.

Do most architectural technologists offer interior design? In a word, no. This is an interior designer in Brighton and Hove – with a difference.

Who We Work With

Private, residential clients who engage us for renovations, extensions and renovations. You deserve more than simply extra space. Let’s discuss finishing your construction project to the highest possible standards with superb, harmonious and coherent interior design.

Hotels, B&Bs and restaurants in need of a new look and feel, or a re-fit, including bathrooms and kitchens. (We can offer advice on the mechanical and engineering side of things, too.)

Places of Work. Technology and the way we work has changed. We’ll bring your working environment up to date.

Property Developers, Estate Agents and House Builders. It’s all about stylish lifestyle marketing to promote your new properties to your target market. You can read more here. 

Interior Designer in Brighton and Hove

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