Architectural Technologist’s Fee Proposal

Architectural Technologist’s Fee Proposal

What is an architectural technologist’s fee proposal? It’s the second step in working with Humber Architecture. You’ll receive this important document shortly after meeting us during our site visit.

Putting Everything in Writing

A written fee proposal will help you to review and reflect on services – and what’s involved – for an informed decision. Also, it’s valuable professional practice. We’re not just design-led. As architectural technologists, we know all about the science and technology in buildings.

So, Humber Architecture’s role is not only to create drawings for your construction project. Also, it’s to recommend and implement sustainable approaches in the production process; those that minimise environmental damage, preserve energy and ensure that the results “perform well” for those living and working within it. In brief, it’s about how a building (or part of a building) is put together.

Therefore, our fee proposal will be broken down into each essential element, with transparency at its core.

What’s in our Fee Proposal?

This will depend on your scheme but could include costs for:

  • The general scope of services, level of involvement and our “deliverables”.
  • A measured survey of your property, including drafting the existing floorplans and elevations (for example, regarding an extension).
  • Preparation and brief
  • Drafting of building control drawings and specifications
  • Creation of construction details and specifications as required
  • Preparation of schedules to include aspects such as doors, windows and finishings
  • Co-ordination with a structural engineer for structural design

Call us on 01273 974 102 if you have any comments or questions about our architectural technologist’s fee proposal.


Humber Architecture will always partner with third parties, such as a planning consultant, an engineer, and your builders. We work as a coherent team for your best results. Please feel free to engage the professional trades of your choice or ask us for recommendations.

We take your home seriously and will advise you of any risks involved, probable time frames and what you can expect. Keen to go ahead having looked through our architectural technologist’s fee proposal? Let’s move through to your measured survey

Or, contact us through this site.