Architectural Technology FAQs

To help you make an informed decision, we have put together our Architectural Technology FAQs page. Architectural Technology is a multi-faceted discipline. It’s different from Architecture per se, although there is plenty of cross-over. So, if you have questions about what we do and how we do it, wonder no more.

What does an Architectural Technologist do?

Broadly defined, we aim to produce intelligent designs that excel in form and function. We are specialists in the SCIENCE of architecture, construction and building design, and our skills go beyond pure design. In effect, Humber Architecture is the link between what you need, and how it works in the real world.

With our focus on sustainability, our work concerns the world around us, with energy preservation and environmental impact minimisation at the heart of everything we do. You can read more about architectural technology here.

Does Humber Architecture get involved with planning permission?

In a word, yes. And, for architectural FAQS it’s a highly relevant question.

Working in partnership with a planning consultant, we have specialist knowledge of the types of buildings we get involved with and are also aware of the “rules”.

Whilst there can be no guarantees that the local authority will grant your statutory approvals, with Humber Architecture on board, you could dramatically increase your chances of this happening. Why? Because our detailed drawings and our input offer as much evidence as possible that your project will meet the council’s stringent safety, sustainability and other criteria.

Where do you work?

We are in Brighton and Hove, with most of our clients in this fair City. Brighton and Hove’s larger properties are stunning, yet yours may no longer be completely fit for purpose. So, if this is YOU, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

However, we’re happy to discuss projects throughout Sussex, and within reason – further afield.

What sort of projects do you get involved with?

Generally, Humber Architecture works at the higher end of the domestic market, with specialist skills in extensions and refurbishments for larger residential properties in and around Brighton and Hove.

More significant-size houses have our name written all over them – so to speak. Whilst imposing,  and a joy to live in, their current layout may be awkward, or impractical in some way. We can change all that, with an understanding of the yesteryear construction methods of Edwardian and Victorian properties so sought after in the local area.

For commercial schemes, we offer design skills encompass designs for re-fits and re-designs of retail outlets, hotels, restaurants and cafés. Plus, libraries, colleges, universities and offices, where the spaces need updating and re-configuring.

And, we provide interior design services, too.

How do we get started?

As well as these architectural technology FAQs, please take a look at our How We Work sections. You’ll find plenty of information regarding our processes. We aim to support you every step of the way and manage your expectations as clearly as possible.

Get Humber Architecture involved early, with initial onsite discussions to discuss your needs, time frames and your budget. Then, if everything is feasible, we will put together a jargon-free fee proposal with everything included to help you decide.

You may need expert input into planning permission (unless it comes under permitted development), building control and the special rules surrounding the numerous listed buildings in Brighton and Hove, which we are happy to provide.

Also, we can work collaboratively with other professionals, such as your chosen builder.

For smaller projects, we can project manage for you, keeping you up to speed every step of the way.

Your Architectural Technology FAQs page sounds good. How would you like US to work with YOU?

Thank you for asking, that’s an excellent question! We are aware that your expectations are high, and that you hold the same values as we do regarding sustainability. It will be great to work with you.

So, we’d ask that you are honest and realistic about your budget, and what you are hoping to achieve – and that you communicate this with us as clearly as possible. Also, that you provide feedback to us promptly, and that you are available for any input or confirmation that we need; this keeps everything and everyone on track.

If you are keen to get started, so are we. Get in touch with us through this website, or call us on 01273 947 102