House Extensions in Brighton 

Are you looking to extend your property? If so, the skills of an architectural technologists who provides highly detailed drawings for house extensions in Brighton and Hove should be at the top of your To Do list.  We specialise in practical, sustainable real-world designs that work.

Humber Architecture works with higher-end residential and commercial clients who need that all-important extra space to change your home or working life. We mean it: usable extra space to live or move around in could make all the difference to your family or office dynamic.

Talk to us about your one or two-storey extension ideas. In particular, we focus on listed buildings. And, we have in-depth expertise in planning permission, building regulations and building control.

House Extensions in Brighton – Who We Work With

Private clients.  Love the space you’re in – only bigger and better. Humber Architecture provides sensitive, aesthetic drawings that bring your home to life. Yet, which are in keeping with your existing home, and that minimise the impact on your environment.

Planning Consultants. Clear, meaningful designs that aim to get your scheme over the line with the planning authority. Or, to ensure that it succeeds on appeal.

Structural Engineers. Let’s work together on the structure and materials for resilient results.

Builders. We’re happy to liaise with you or with your project manager.

How It Works

If you’re looking for a practice with experience of house extensions in Brighton, you may not have have engaged an architectural technologist before. Perhaps you have some questions.

There’s no need to be concerned, so do share these with us. Our role is to reassure you. Likewise, we’ll manage your expectations regarding budget, time frames, any potential risks and the third parties you may need to involve.

  1. Measured Survey. Humber Architecture maximises the latest technology to produce ultra-accurate measurements on-site.
  2. Drawings. Your proposed design is on its way, with architectural drawings to bring out the best in your home for your dream extension. Equally, to make the most of the space.
  3. Planning Permission. These will be planning permission-aware drawings that aim to tick all the local authority’s approval regulations.
  4. Building Regulations and Building Control. We understand fully the rules surrounding this, and our work reflects that.
  5. Let’s get started on your project, with sustainable materials and construction methods to keep the heat in, with minimal harm to the environment.

We aim to be your trusted advisors and are here to help. Also, Humber Architecture will offer you ownership of your project, ensuring that you are fully aware of progress and happy with each stage.

Trusted Extension Architectural Technologist in Brighton

Let’s grow. Let’s extend. Contact us today for more information.