Estate agent interior design services in Sussex

We provide estate agent interior design services in Sussex. If you sell properties, Humber Architecture speaks your language.

As architectural technologists, we understand, as do you, that a property isn’t just bricks and mortar. What you promote are homes: families, couples – anyone in search of their very own haven. A safe, secure space to return to at the end of a busy day.

In short, we are on the same page.

Is This Your Challenge?

Whether you are promoting a brand-new show home, or a vacated property, selling a space that’s empty could harder than it should be.

Vacant properties, especially new builds, can and often do struggle to create a feeling of heart and soul. Would it be so much better to sell them staged and dressed, ready to fire your customers’ aspirations and imagination for a real-world view of where they could move to?

Quite simply, a property must have context.

Your future buyers want to see the bigger picture. In our experience, they’re looking to invest in character and to recognise the property’s true potential. In other words, to see themselves actually living there. 

What We Do

All of this, and more, Humber Architecture can do for you. With a strong sense of visual awareness, we offer estate agent interior design services in Sussex and throughout Brighton and Hove. Not only can we dress and style specific rooms with high-end sofas, chairs, and other inspiring pieces, we’re also highly skilled in creating bathrooms and kitchens.

Especially kitchens – the heart of the home, and the room that often “sells” the house.

Spaces have to work. The property may be a show home, but it doesn’t have to look like one.

Great design turns a suitable property into an outstanding residential environment.  No empty boxes. Thus, we’ll ensure that each area connects seamlessly with its adjacent space, and that there’s plenty of usable, storage. We are all about ergonomics. Plus, sustainability. You know, and we know, that it’s those finer details that make all the difference – the minutiae, perhaps. The niceties, even.

Estate Agent Interior Design Services in Sussex

We understand the property sector in the same way that you do. So, let’s celebrate the personality of real estate, and work together for a home that you’ll be proud to sell.

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