Loft conversion designs in Sussex

Suppose you’re considering extending upwards into your loft. What a fabulous idea. Those extra rooms will be so practical, with much-need space.  Now, you need some expert help. You will most likely need the practical and creative skills of someone who specialists in loft conversion designs in Sussex, and throughout Brighton and Hove. A practice such as Humber Architecture, for example.

We can create a set of high-quality architectural drawings for your builder. Yet, these aren’t just art-based images. They’re practical, usable and technology-based.

The Humber Architecture Difference

Our focus is on “buildability”. Plus, sustainability right from the start, to keep your energy costs down and preserve the natural environment.

That is, we have extensive experience regarding recyclable materials, construction methods and how to move through each stage of the build. Humber Architecture will produce plans and schemes that fully support your family’s needs, quietly and seamlessly connecting everything together.

These are, quite literally – designs for living.

Your refreshed home will look completely amazing. And, unique. Likewise, it will be practical, sustainable and completely suited to its purpose – with energy preservation at its core.

Loft Conversion Designs in Sussex – Planning Permission and Other Important Things

When it comes to loft conversions, we know this much is true: Your brief needs to have the strongest chance of getting the go-ahead from your local planning authority.

With our in-depth knowledge of planning permission, building regulations and building control, we fully understand the constraints involved with these types of projects. Let us Teflon the whole process to get your conversion project over the line with your local Council. Or, re-assess the scheme for an appeal application.

Humber Architecture creates designs for:

  • Loft conversions
  • Garage conversions
  • Barn conversions
  • Change of use projects, from commercial to residential

Visualisation and experience will help us to assess your existing space. Then, we can advise on the best options for you and your family. We’ll review the project’s feasibility, ensuring the end results are safe and long-lasting.

Collaboration is everything, and we nearly always work as part of a team. Therefore, we’d be delighted to partner with planning consultants and construction businesses, as well as directly with private clients.

Not Only…But Also

Humber Architecture doesn’t just work on plans as a conversion architectural technologist in Sussex – including our lovely city of Brighton and Hove. We’re also all over the interior design aspects of your conversion. Read more about how we can deliver those all-important finishing touches to bring you joy every single day.