Architectural consultancy in Sussex

We offer bespoke architectural consultancy in Sussex and throughout Brighton and Hove.

With our additional expertise and specialist knowledge in architectural technology, whatever your scheme, we aim to ensure that the final result is practical, usable, and that it works – whatever that means to you and the people who will use the space.

Do You Need Us?

You are a contractor, a property developer, or you work in the commercial and public sectors. You and your team may already have engaged an expert for the design work, yet you now need additional or dedicated expertise. In effect, you require the professional proficiencies of an architectural technologist to fill the gap. Or, you need early-stage advice and input before you progress to the design stage of your construction project.

As an authority in architectural consultancy in Sussex, Humber Architecture also supports private residential clients seeking a feasibility study for planning permission.

Your Employer’s Requirements Document

ERs can often be extremely detailed manuals, setting out all the requirements relating to a project. And we do mean all of them, even down to the finest, most minor details – plug sockets, for instance.

Your ER goes beyond construction and finishing and may even be in multiple volumes rather than a single document. They can be a fully developed performance specification and concept design; your design standards, strategy, consultation processes and project management framework all rolled into one.

Humber Architecture has the skills and knowledge to help put together this important document on your behalf.

Here are just a few of the ways we can help get your plans “over the line”:

  • Review statutory requirements, factoring in the required regulations for the type of project in hand. For example, a care home and a nursing home will require distinct but exacting standards to be followed.
  • Identify and advise on the complete scope of services required.
  • Supply vital information regarding design, sustainability, construction methods and constraints.
  • Ensure that the finished building will be precisely fit for purpose and that your budget will be correctly and accurately allocated.
  • Ensure that you have the correct policy documents.
  • Identify any gaps in management and systems, should this be a new scaling-up scheme for you.
  • Provide information on inspection, testing, commissioning and handover.

When it comes to your ER, specialist knowledge, borne from years of experience could save you time, money – and shine, a light onto your success.

Architectural Consultancy in Sussex

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