Architectural Technologist in Sussex

What Can an Architectural Technologist Do for You?

My name is Aaron Humber, Director at Humber Architecture. Based in Brighton and Hove, I am an Architectural Technologist in Sussex, with sustainability at the heart of everything I do.

I founded the business 13 years ago, and it’s my pleasure and privilege to work with private clients on higher-end residential projects and with decision-makers on all types of schemes in the private and public sectors. Also, I collaborate closely with construction businesses, planning consultants, estate agents, property developers and investors.

I’m easy to work with (or so I’m told), a good communicator, and modesty aside, my reputation precedes me as an expert in my field. I aim to deliver the best competencies in a demanding, competitive property sector in one of the most expensive areas to live in the UK.

Ever wondered about what an Architectural Technologist like me actually does? Well, wonder no more.

Architectural Technologist in Sussex. What Do We Do?

Architectural technology is a discipline that offers a strong mix of skills.

In brief, we provide expertise in creativity and design, science, technology and engineering – all bundled into one, without compromise on know-how. Rather than being purely art-based, Humber Architecture goes further and deeper, with proven talents in:

  • Innovation and concept, and
  • Functionality and performance

In effect, it’s the whole package. We are “buildability” first and foremost, with materials, production techniques, sustainability and processes underlining everything that we do. And, simultaneously, working in compliance with regulatory, statutory and legal requirements.

Buildings and Interiors with YOU in Mind

It’s a cliché, but Humber Architecture really does add value.

To support your project, we’ll delve into the technical detail to ensure that your designs result in fit-for-purpose buildings, renovations, refurbishments, re-fits, conversions, new builds, etc. So it can’t just be about art and design, or something that over-promises yet under-delivers.

Nothing will work unless it works. In other words, our drawings and plans meet the needs of the people who will use them: families at home, students in and around a university, customers and shop staff, guests and employees at your hotel.

Whether for social, environmental, political, or cultural reasons, you need sensitivity, creativity and an understanding that at the bottom of all this are human beings’ hearts and souls – and their well-being and safety.

Planning Permission, Listed Building Consent and Building Control

  • Planning Permission. Yes, gaining planning consent in Brighton and Hove, and further into Sussex is possible. But, the bar is high. There are no guarantees, but let us support your application or appeal with plans that meet the planning authority’s robust criteria.
  • Listed Building Consent. Humber Architecture offers high-level knowledge and skills in the fine and beautiful buildings from Victorian, Edwardian and even Georgian periods that contribute so much to the charm of Brighton and Hove. You’re looking for a “yes”, so trust us to create plans and designs that will be appropriate and sympathetic to their character.
  • Building control focuses on fit-for-purpose properties and quality control within the built environment. We’ll guide you through the maze of processes and practices, with safe, compliant designs.

So, what kind of difference would an experienced architectural technologist in Sussex make to your project? Look no further. Get in touch with Humber Architecture for more information.