Commercial architecture in Brighton 

Humber Architecture are commercial architectural technologists in Brighton and Hove.

We offer 13 years of experience and expertise to property developers, investors, and the public sector. Also, we work with estate agents, planning consultants, construction companies, hotels, shops, and restaurants. In short, we can make a difference in any business or government-funded project in need of specialist, technical, sustainable design skills. 

We are Architectural Technologists:

For commercial clients, we focus on the design of buildings for real-world performance. As well as conceptual design, we’re experts in technology, development and detailing, construction technology, and above all – sustainability.

Plus, we offer exceptional interior design services

Ultimately, our goal is to help you create an inclusive environment that fully serves the needs of the people who use it. And, with our detailed architectural drawings, to ensure that your planning application is accepted by the local authority.

Working with…

Planning Consultants

Are you a planning consultant in Brighton and Hove, working with clients on high-value projects? If so, you’ll be aware of the development constraints here, and how expensive and time-consuming it can be to get things wrong.

The ideal solution? Well, most probably – great drawings and plans to support your clients’ applications. In brief, full representations of the scheme to prove adherence to council planning legislation. How would the in-depth expertise of a commercial architecture in Brighton with a speciality in architectural technology support you?

Estate Agents

The property sector is robust. But, right now, not to put too fine a point on it, your excellent empty property or show home is a blank canvas. Does it need to come to life for a quicker sale?

You could benefit from an authority in interior design; experts in furnishing, layout and kitchen and bathroom design. Not to mention colour, and of course, sustainable materials.

Property Developers and Investors

You need plans for a new apartment block project, or a brand-new housing estate. Perhaps you’re planning to convert a barn, or a series of HMOs. You may be an investor who requires easy-to-understand drawings of your future asset. Plus, focusing on what you do best, rather than the exacting planning application process is at the top of your priority list. This is outside your comfort zone; the rules and regulations are uncompromising.

An architectural technologist who fully understands what the council is looking for, and who can bring it to life with detailed drawings would be your El Dorado, yes?

Construction Businesses

For your scheme, before you start building, you MUST meet strict building regulations. You need architectural plans that work, with little or no threat of council refusal, right down to every single technical detail.  Also, you simply need detailed, practical architectural drawings to get the job done. Likewise, talk to us about Passivhaus and eco-friendly construction projects.

Hotels and Retail

You plan to re-fit the interior of your hotel or shop, or to have it re-modelled.

What worked several years ago is no longer fit for purpose. This calls for the skills of a commercial architectural technologist to help make it work.

Public Sector

The desk layouts could be more comfortable, and the power sockets need to be in the right place. You now require break-out spaces but no longer need so many private offices. The mechanical and electrical systems are now rather legacy; the reception area is unwelcoming, too.

Likewise, there may be “holes” in your Employer’s Requirement document – with significant areas surrounding sustainability and practical usability simply not there.

Commercial Architecture in Brighton – The Humber Architecture Solution

The above skims the surface, but the message is clear:

To support your needs, our expertise goes further. Humber Architecture’s understanding of creativity and technology is your gain. Read more about how we keep the commercial and public sectors here…